jinniyah (jinniyah) wrote in feminist_sex,

What is pornography? What is erotica? What is the difference between the two? Is there a difference at all?

I often see the word "erotica" used to describe written word or "softcore" images, while "pornography" is used to refer strictly to images that are considered "hardcore." Although both are materials that aim to sexually arouse the consumer, the two words have very different connotations. Erotica is viewed as less-deviant, more loving, more intellectually stimulating, and more intimate. Pornography is deviant, purely sexual, with no socially redeeming characteristics. Somehow, this doesn't seem right to me. I'm not so sure there is much of a difference at all. Erotica and pornography are, instead, two different versions of the same thing. One is not superior over the other and erotica is not necessarily any less "pornographic."

What are your thoughts?
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